Practical and Effective Youth Mental Health Solutions in the UK

I’m dedicated to providing youth mental health solutions for young people across the UK. My services include Youth Mental Health First Aid training, a digital focus group and workshop leadership, bespoke consulting and training, as well as informative content through the Angry Little Welshman YouTube channel and blog. Check out what I’ve got to offer!

Mental Health Training for Young People

I offer expert youth mental health training as a trained instructor. I provide comprehensive courses and tailored training for young people, making sure they gain the skills necessary to support their peers in times of need.

Digital Focus Groups and Workshops

I’m your go-to guy for digital focus groups and workshops in the realm of youth mental health support. My digital facilitation techniques can help you expand your reach to a larger audience while still valuing those in-person experiences.

Bespoke Consulting and Training

I’m all about providing custom consulting and training in youth mental health. My speciality includes crafting psychologically informed settings, running suicide conversation workshops, and launching mental health campaigns. I work with schools, youth organizations, and corporate companies all over the UK. My dedication and know-how in this area guarantee practical and impactful solutions to boost the mental well-being of young folks.

The Angry Little Welshman YouTube Channel and Blog

I dish out mental health insights and advice on my Angry Little Welshman YouTube channel and blog. With my professional background and personal experience, I offer a one-of-a-kind perspective to assist young folks in dealing with anxiety, depression, and anger.

Do your young people, or team of youth professionals needs support or training?